North East Emerging Artist Prize

North East Emerging Artist Prize Seaton Delaval Hall 2022
Detail of Vanbrugh Croquet model North East Emerging Artist Prize Seaton Delaval Hall 2022

Visualisation of Vanbrugh Croquet outside art installation North East Emerging Artist Prize Seaton Delaval Hall 2022Vanbrugh Croquet North East Emerging Artist Prize Seaton Delaval Hall 2022

The North East Emerging Artist Prize is a collaboration between the National Trust at Seaton Delaval Hall and Curator, Matthew Jarratt and was open to artists in or from the North East who were in the final year of their undergraduate degree, studying for a masters’ degree or who have graduated in the last three years. It was open to all artforms, including music/sound, theatre, film, literature and design, as well as fine art.

Edmond was one of eight successful shortlisted artists who were supported in developing their proposals, which were presented at Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland from May 2022, with two of the proposals to be realised and exhibited in the spring of 2023. Edmond developed a proposal for an outdoor art installation that was inspired by Vanbrugh's architecture of Seaton Delaval Hall.

‘Vanbrugh Croquet’ is an outdoor game for all ages which is simple and fun to play. The game involves hitting wooden balls with a mallet through a series of architectural ‘hoops’ that are inspired by Sir John Vanbrugh’s Seaton Delaval Hall architectural models. Vanbrugh Croquet will be located on the lawn where the South East wing of Seaton Delaval Hall stood before being destroyed by the great fire. The layout of the game will recreate this lost architecture in a miniaturised and interactive artwork. The architectural artworks will be constructed from sustainable wood materials and finished using a colourful palette.

The prize really builds on that rich historical tradition the Hall and its family have of supporting artists from a variety of disciplines, including painting, theatre and writing.  Seaton Delaval Hall became a place of drama, theatricality and extreme playfulness.  We want to continue to encourage that spirit and artistic expression in the region with the North East Emerging Artist Prize.

Emma Thomas, Seaton Delaval Hall General Manager

Image credits

VANBRUGH CROQUET, 2022, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, outdoor art competition proposal

Photos: Matthew Jarratt and Edmond Salter


Northumberland, UK
February - July 2022