Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Cabinet of Curiosity Studio to behave in a socially responsible manner concerning the impact of our work upon the natural environment, the existing built environment and the public at large. 

For our design activities, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio will

  • Maintain environmental awareness through suitable environmental training and work in a responsible and an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Where possible reduce waste through re-use and recycling of equipment, materand products.

  • Ensure responsible disposal of remaining waste.

  • Promote efficient use of energy, materials, resources, equipment and products, particularly those which are non-renewable.

  • Ensure compliance with or improvement upon relevant environmental legislation requirements.

  • Consider energy efficiency when purchasing new equipment and purchase and use environmentally friendly products accordingly.

  • Avoid use of hazardous materials and products, and take all responsible care when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of and take a proactive approach in seeking methods that prevent unnecessary pollution.

  • Identify opportunities for the improvement of our environmental impacts.

  • Where required develop and maintain appropriate emergency response procedures.

  • Put in place and review systems for reducing waste and re-cycling waste materials.