Between the Folds

Between the Folds was a collaboration with Norwegian dance company Dybwikdans to create a new dance piece for the BIG BANG festival at Stavanger Concert Hall, Norway.

The concept of ‘the fold’ directed the design process. The intention was that the costume, movement and sound would combine to transform the foyer space of Stavanger Concert Hall into a folded space. An origami model of a circular paper fold was used as the basis for the costume design and informed the pattern cutting and making of the textiles.

The piece was performed within the foyer entrance of Stavanger Concert Hall for a family audience. Views from the balconies and stairwells at various floor levels overlooking the public foyer space, provided differing  perspectives of the dance piece. The piece was also performed in a series of outdoor spaces across Europe.

Dybwikdans), Norway,
Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger, Norway
7 – 8 June 2013

Cultural Centre of Belém Lisbon, Portugal

30 June, 6 - 7 July 2013

ZKK Centre for Art and Media Outdoor Dance Project, Karlsruhe, Germany

20 July 2013

BETWEEN THE FOLDS, 2013, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio (Caroline Collinge), Dance Performance 

Photos: Courtesy of Dybwikdans and Cabinet of Curiosity Studio