Green House sustainable installation for Festival of Thrift designed by Cabinet of Curiosity Studio
Laser cut wooden panel for Green House installation for Viewpoints Festival of Thrift
Laser cut Green House installation designed by Cabinet of Curiosity for Festival of Thrift Viewpoints
Origami and katagami Green House installation by Cabinet of Curiosity Studio for Festival of Thrift

Viewpoints for Festival of Thrift featured temporary sculptures, installations and artworks about clean air that were displayed across the Tees Valley. Cabinet of Curiosity Studio were one of five artists commissioned to design, fabricate and install a temporary artwork.

Green House was inspired by Victorian garden architecture and Japanese design. The installation combined contemporary digital timber fabrication techniques with Japanese paper crafts and contained a living environment of house plants that possess air cleaning properties. The project included delivering a series of participatory paper craft workshop activities, held in Darlington indoor market and a local community hall, that provided the opportunity for children aged 4-10 years, families and individuals to create artwork inspired by nature. The paper craft artwork made by participants within the workshops was transformed into a laser cut surface pattern that decorated the timber screen walls of the installation.

Thrilling making process and beautifully crafted outcome.

Stella Hall, Creative Director Festival of Thrift.

Image credits

GREEN HOUSE, 2019, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, Temporary Installation

Photos: Tracy Kidd, Courtesy of Festival of Thrift

Viewpoints, Festival of Thrift and Creative Darlington, UK,
Darlington Historic Market, Darlington, County Durham, UK
12 - 19 September 2019