Toddlers Room

Toddlers Room was a collaboration with Norwegian dance company Dybwikdans to create a new touring dance theatre production for children aged 0-3 years. 

The design invites close interaction between performer and child. Set inside a white dome, children become involved in a play without words where sculptural objects, sounds and beautiful costumes are the stimulus for a truly magical experience. Colours, texture, materials gives the child different sensory experiences through sight, sound, touch and movement.

[…] a beautifully gentle, enchantingly designed dance piece for babies and toddlers [...] The show is presented in a lovely, little white pod in which dancer Marie Ronold Mathisen interacts wordlessly with her very young audience using nicely choreographed movement, big red balloons and a large, but appealingly benign, bird puppet.

Mark Brown, Scottish Stage

Supported by the municipality of Stavanger, Sandnes, Rogaland County Council, Fund for Performing Artists & UIS.