Storyville was an Open Book library commission for Transported, a Creative People and Places arts project in rural Lincolnshire. Storyville reinterpreted stories relating to Lincolnshire’s cultural heritage through the medium of paper using recycled books and maps provided by local libraries with contributions to the installations from locals through public art workshops. These site specific installations shared a common theme of time and travel that related to Lincolnshire’s contribution within navigational innovation.

The Boston Library installation The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, showcased a miniature origami paper landscape inspired by  Jean Ingelow’s poetry  and the Pilgrim Fathers. The Clockwork Kirton installation showcased a paper clock inspired by  a dynasty of clock makers who were established in Kirton during the 18th century. The Donington Library installation, Ode to Trim showcased a mobile of papercut silhouettes inspired by the story of Flint the cat, faithful companion of Captain Flinders. the 19th Century explorer from Donington who was the first to circumnavigate Australia.

Photography by Electric Egg and Cabinet of Curiosity Studio