Peoples Cathedral Project

The Peoples Cathedral Project involved an artist residency, public engagement activities and an exhibition supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund that explored the heritage, architecture, designs and people of Guildford Cathedral.

During a six month residency Cabinet of Curiosity researched the rich cultural history of Guildford Cathedral to make a new body of work in response to a significant architectural site. The textiles and architecture within the Cathedral inspired a series of painted and folded origami patterns and illustrations that formed the basis of an exhibition within the Cathedral. This was complemented by public engagement activities for children and families focused on paper crafts.

It was absolutely brilliant to work with Cabinet of Curiosity.  From the first meeting with Caroline and Edmond it was clear that their combination of skill and experience would make the vital contribution to our project which we were looking for.  During the period of their residency they carried out careful and fascinating research, provided workshops for the public, created beautiful works of art which have inspired everyone who has seen them.  Cabinet of Curiosity is a living example of how The People’s Cathedral celebrates human creativity and endeavour.  We have much to thank them for.

The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams, Dean of Guildford Cathedral.



Image credits

PEOPLES CATHEDRAL PROJECT, 2016-2017, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, Residency and Exhibition

Photos: Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Peoples Cathedral Project, Guildford Cathedral and Heritage Lottery fund, UK,
Guildford Cathedral, Surrey, UK 
September 2016- July 2017