Paper House

Paper House was a family participatory arts activity that coincided with the 'Small Stories' exhibition of dolls houses at the V & A Museum of Childhood

Paper craft workshops enabled children to create architecture and characters using collage techniques, architectural templates and recycled paper materials. Cabinet of Curiosity assembled the children's work to create a giant paper house inhabited by characters within the museum space that grew in scale over the duration of the ten day activity.

Paper house created a wonderful opportunity for families to engage directly with practising artists and explore materials and techniques which they wouldn’t ordinarily experience. Caroline and Edmond developed excellent workshops which deliberately foregrounded non-digital activity using paper-based skills. Families really enjoyed the quality of the materials and the potential to interpret the theme in so many ways – the result was a very unique and beautiful paper structure which grew over the holiday and linked directly with the Museum’s important paper model collections.

Andrea Cunningham, Head of Learning V & A Museum of Childhood