Leeds Creative Labs: Bragg Edition

Leeds Creative Labs is an innovative programme which pairs researchers from the University of Leeds with creative professionals, aiming to spark collaborations and take risks. The Bragg Edition brought together creatives with researchers involved in The Bragg Centre for Materials Research at University of Leeds to explore ideas.

Cabinet of Curiosity Studio collaborated with Dr Andrew J Lee and researchers to research and develop public engagement outcomes to communicate DNA structures within nanoscale environments. Origami, digital film, digital art and paper pop-up techniques were used to create artefacts documenting the collaboration. A perspective box using anamorphosis techniques visually communicated the experience of looking into nanoscale worlds that researchers had compared to ‘a voyage through rooms’. Optical and digital art techniques were used to create a theatrical space containing a virus, based on the coronavirus.

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Sir Peter Bazalgette

Image credits

LEEDS CREATIVE LABS: BRAGG EDITION, 2019-2020, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, Research and Development

Photos and film: Courtesy of Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Leeds Creative Labs, Leeds Cultural Institute, UK,
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
14 November 2019-12 November 2020