FAB Costumes

FAB Costumes was a research and development project supported by Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice project. The fund supports creative practitioners thinking of taking their practice to the next stage to research, have time to create new work, travel, training, develop ideas, network or find mentoring.

Caroline was awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant to enable time and space during 2020 to develop her textile practice through learning laser cutting and laser engraving computer tools, technology and materials. During this time she designed and made digitally fabricated work work using paper and wood materials that drew upon her expertise in Japanese paper crafts. Katagami, Japanese paper patterned stencils traditionally used for textile surface patterns on kimonos, were the inspiration for exploring laser engraved and cut paper and wood textiles using nature as a subject matter and digital technology to fabricate work.

Image credits

FAB COSTUMES, 2020, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, Research and Development

Photos: Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice