Crystal Palace Model

This is a free paper model that you can download and print for free.

Paper template of the Crystal Palace that can be made into a model designed by Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Download a template for the Crystal Palace model here

Step One

Print out the flat sheet template for the Crystal Palace paper model.

Tip: Print your template on a standard inkjet printer using thin card that is approximately 200 gsm in weight to achieve the best results for making your paper model. If using standard paper then this can be glued onto card before cutting out the parts.

Step Two

Cut out all parts of the paper model following the outline.


There are six parts in total.

Step Three

Apply glue to the top tab.


Mount the architectural fan arch and position top centre.


Repeat this step for the opposite side.

Tip: Standard glue sticks will work for this model but a stronger glue such as PVA will hold for longer although the glue will take longer to dry.

Step Four

Fold the side tabs.


Apply glue to each tab and attach the sides together.

Tip: Glue one tab at a time and make sure it is firmly glued in place before working on the next tab. If necessary let it sit and dry in position for a few minutes to ensure the model stays together.

The Final Model looks like this:

This project is part of Grow Your Own Creativity a participatory arts project that explored creative responses to sustainability and the environment whilst celebrating Darlington's green spaces.

Funding for this project has been provided by Arts Council England and Creative Darlington.

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