A Picture Unfolds

Monumental paper origami sculpture in Minnie Weisz Studio, King Cross, London, UK exhibited by Caroline Collinge of Cabinet of Curioity Studio within a solo exhibition A Picture Unfolds

A Picture Unfolds was a solo exhibition at Minnie Weisz Studio, King Cross London that drew upon the history of the London A-Z and its maker Phyllis Pearsall. Fact, mythology and fantastical combinations of origami, costume and architectural elements recreated the story of the London A–Z through a series of hand crafted paper objects.

Fragments of the life of Phyllis Pearsall who created the A-Z were literally woven into the exhibition. Paper maps of the London A-Z and paper materials were folded, cut & stitched into textiles, objects, costumes, collages and sculptural installations to create a series of artworks that connected with the story of Phyllis Pearsall.

The exhibition transferred to Charlie Levine's TROVE, Birmingham, 2011.

Image credits

A PICTURE UNFOLDS, 2010, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio,  Solo Exhibition

Photos: Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Minnie Weisz Studio, Kings Cross, London, UK
November 2010 - 2011